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Stefaan Mulier, M.D.


-personal approach: the patient is sure to be received, operated upon and followed by Dr. Stefaan Mulier personnally

-maximal availability: Dr. Mulier tries to be available as much as possible for the patient, his family and his general practitioner or  refererring specialist

-scientific approach: the operations and treatments are performed according to the most recent scientific evidence

-human approach: in spite, or just because of all technical progress in medicine, the human and relational dimension in medical treatment remains very important

-multidisciplinary collaboration: in cancer surgery, a good collaboration between specialists in different fields of cancer treatment is essential for an optimal result

-reference person: during cancer treatment, the patient meets a whole series of specialists, and risks loosing the track. Dr. Mulier is willing to be a reference person to whom the patient can turn with questions about the treatment at any moment.

-optimal communication: the general practitioner and the referring specialist can count on a quick and detailed written report, and on a maximal availability to discuss the treatment plan or other issues over the phone

-punctuality: a maximal effort will be done to respect the time schedule of appointments at the outpatient clinic